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Triotos was founded to create an opportunity for small and medium sized companies to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT). With our deep experience in operations, Triotos offers a new way for your organization to derive value from IoT.
We invite you to spend some time with us and learn more about how we can help you drive system improvements increase customer satisfaction and lower your costs.

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Our Speciality

What we offer

Customizable "Ready to Deploy" implementations that are deployable within months rather than years for a fraction of the cost from major IoT solution providers. As our solutions are deployed on the AWS cloud and use industry connectivity solutions, they can be transferred to you or directly managed by us.

Our IoT services

Starting with your business needs, we work with you to develop the right solution and then customize our 'Deployable' IoT implementations to create a pilot. This is typically done in only 6-10 weeks giving you a functioning system that can then be evolved to the right solution with all the applications and integrations your business needs.


Our implementations are based on market leading Amazon AWS IoT core and cloud based applications for data processing, storage, analytics and machine learning. To this we add Triotos web applications for Data/Event monitoring, Analytics, Administration and Operational Monitoring.


We offer Deployable solutions where each of our customers will have all IoT applications hosted on a dedicated scaleable EC2 instance. While each customer will want customizations, our already available applications minimize this and reduce time to deployment to months instead of years.

Operational Monitoring

IoT implementations can be both customer facing and mission critical so as part of our implementation we offer an IoT Solution Monitoring app that can be used in a Network Operations Center (NOC) to monitor the function and performance of devices, connectivity, application performance in real time.


For security, we use the AWS IoT security architecture with AWS unique device credentials, Identity and Access Management, and all traffic sent securely over Transport Layer Security (TLS). For mobile connectivity, we use AT&T wireless with our own secure APN for high speed and low bit rate communication.

Industrial IoT Use Cases

Industrial Internet of Things

A small industrial elevator company wants to improve their service by implementing remote monitoring of their products and be able to share usage and failure data with their distributors so that they can provide better service. By using the ‘Deployable’ embedded implementation, we are able to quickly provide the customer with a full demo of the implementation with a complete set of initial applications and a hardware module that can be integrated with the customers’ existing control computer. While the customer integrates this hardware with their pilot systems, we work with them to customize all the applications so that they provide the customer (and their distributors) with relevant data about elevator usage.


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