Triotos “Ready to Deploy” IoT Implementations supports the five major categories of IoT connectivities:

  • Traditional Internet Connectivity via LAN or WiFi connected to an ISP – Ethernet LANs or 802.11x variants through WiFi Access Points
  • High Speed Cellular Connectivity – High Speed LTE
  • Near Field Connectivity via Gateway (Smart Phone) – Bluetooth 4/LE
  • Local Wide Area Network Connectivity (3/4 miles) via Gateway – Bluetooth 5, LoRaWAN, ZigBee
  • Low Speed WAN Cellular Connectivity – LTEm, NB-IoT

Triotos IoT implementations are also integrated with provisioning platforms for LTE, LTE-m & NB-IoT connectivity on the AT&T cellular network and LoRaWAN connectivity on the Comcast MachinQ access point network. To learn more about Triotos support of connectivity solutions to meet your needs – contact us for a demo of your real IoT connectivity use cases.

Triotos IIoT Solutions Brochure

Download our Industrial IoT brochure to learn more on the 6 verticals Triotos help their customers achieve complete automation.