The core IoT Technology behind Triotos “Ready to Deploy” IoT Implementations is Amazon Web Services offerings of IoT Cloud Computing – AWS IoT Core – the market leading Cloud Based IoT Data Handling Platform. Included in this offering are components for edge (AWS Greengrass) and embedded (FreeRTOS) computing.

We then augment these with the following:

  • Native AWS solutions for Applications Hosting, Storage, TimeSeries Storage & Analytics as well Services like SNS and others.
  • Django as API and Microservices platform
  • Angular for Web & Mobile Applications
  • AWS Load Balancer & Cloudwatch for operational functions and monitoring
  • AWS Security Architecture with AWS unique Device Credentials, Identity and Access Management, and all traffic sent securely over Transport Layer Security (TLS).

PLUS Triotos Specific:

  • Common JSON-based Data Models
  • UDP, TCP & MQTT ‘protocols’ Support
  • Core Applications for Data/Event, Analytics, Administration, Provisioning
  • Core Applications for IoT Systems Monitoring (IoT-NOC) and Cloud Monitoring
  • Tools for:
    • Listeners & Data Model Simulations
    • Applications Customization
    • Rapid Parallel Development
    • Deployment
  • Integration with AT&T wireless with secure APN for high speed and IoT (low bit rate) communication.

Triotos Technology Stack

User InterfaceAPI/InterfaceBackend / Service sideStorage/DatabaseAnalytics/MonitoringOthers
Angular Web AppDjango Rest APIDjango Rest FrameworkAWS S3GrafanaAWS CloudFormation
 NodeJS MicroservicesDjango multi-tenantAWS RDS (Postgres)PrometheusAWS Application Load Balancer
 Nginx, Gunicorn, SupervisorAWS DynamoDBAWS CloudWatchAWS Certificate Manager
  Celery, Redis AWS TimeStreamAWS EC2
AWS IoT CoreDevice SDK, Things, IoT Rules, Policies
AWS lambdaAWS Greengrass
Pinpoint, SNS, SES Networking Protocols (MQTT, UDP, TCP)
    OpenLayers, Gridster, Draggable-Resizer, Angular Material, Highcharts

Our AWS based Technology stack allows for parallel development of IoT implementations.

To learn more about the Triotos approach of rapidly developing and ‘firing up’ IoT solutions – contact us for a demo of your real IoT use case

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