There is no shortage of ways to create and implement IoT solutions although the number of IoT platforms continue to shrink as smaller companies with ‘proprietary or device specific’ ones are exiting the business leaving a few large often expensive platforms and inexpensive device specific ones subsidized by IoT device sales. Smaller companies looking for IoT solutions for their business are left to cobbled together their own solutions, maybe cheaper but without the capabilities of large platforms. All these solutions have in common that they tend to be standalone, i.e. not integrated with broader business IT and digital solutions. It is of course possible to integrate them, but this tends to be expensive one offs focused on specific business applications and not necessarily designed with the future in mind.

So how does one create IoT solutions that truly scale? Solutions that incorporate and support the latest emerging trend elements of edge computing, smart 5G mobility, open RAN connectivities, mix-and-match applications, data accessibility and the creation of industry clouds? To answer these questions, we need to look at what is happening in the IoT platform as the cloud based offerings from Amazon (AWS IoT Core) and Microsoft (Azure IoT) and a couple of others are becoming dominant.

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