Implementing ‘Embedded’ Connected Product Monitoring

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A key goal of Industrial IoT practitioners is to design products and systems with IoT capabilities already ‘built in,’ or embedded. Many existing embedded computing boards do not have sufficient memory and power or the proper means to achieve internet connectivity.

Challenges of Implementing Embedded IoT

With so much going on, the main challenge of Implementing Embedded IoT is always all the moving parts. At a minimum, an IoT solution is made up of four parts:

  • IoT Thing (product/system),
  • Connectivity,
  • IoT Data Handling Platform
  • Applications.

Triotos has developed a better option: our ‘Embedded‘ Connected Product Monitoring, a solution built around modern embedded board technology, operating systems, and IIoT edge processing, that is easy to integrate with your existing software and hardware designs, and delivers meaningfully better performance.

Download the whitepaper to learn more how Triotos’ Embedded Connected Product Monitoring solution implements built-in IoT.

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