IIoT connected products that incorporate IIoT SOCs (System on a Chip) and connectivity as part of their original design are a rapidly growing part of the IIoT device market.

What is sure is that IIoT introduces new complexity, especially if IIoT capabilities are added to existing product designs that did not incorporate them before. This complexity becomes even clearer when you include the other components of a complete IIoT solution – connectivity, IIoT data handling, and applications. It is therefore crucial that when planning for IIoT enabled products, a company looks at the whole IIoT end-to-end implementation, not just the IIoT product part.

Picking the right implementation approach alleviates many of these issues, especially if such an offering embraces all the aspects of a complete IIoT solution:

  • IIoT SOCs with the right computing environment supported by development environments and tools.
  • Viable secure connectivity solutions using the right connectivity approach for intended use.
  • IoT data management and platforms
  • The set of Web- and device-based applications desired by customers
  • An integrated approach for managing and supporting IIoT connected products
  • Integration with desired customer and business systems and processes.

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