Having functional equipment and knowing how it is used is a key challenge to industrial companies in fields from manufacturing and construction to exploration, extraction, delivery, and real estate. Many times, equipment is associated with or deployed at specific geographic sites combining the need to monitor equipment with that of monitoring sites.

Industrial IoT can be effectively deployed to address both challenges and report anything from physical location and movement of equipment to operational status, usage environment, and physical and perimeter security. There are many ways of doing this supported by many existing IIoT device sensors, technologies, and solutions from an expanding number of suppliers. Added to this are several new device and connectivities that support ‘low cost’ area specific or nationwide connectivity.

The challenge is how to go about choosing the right combination of IIoT devices that are needed for your desired use cases, how to integrate them and install them on your equipment and at your facilities and how to make them part of an IIoT solution by connecting them to the internet.

Picking the right implementation alleviates many of these issues especially if such a solution incorporates all the aspects of a complete IIoT solution:

  • Devices and sensors designed for IIoT
  • Viable secure connectivity solutions using existing or overlay approaches
  • IoT data management and platforms
  • The set of Web and device-based applications desired by companies and customers
  • Integration with existing customer and business processes.

Download the whitepaper to learn how Triotos uses AWS IoTcore to generate a Site/Equipment Monitoring solution.

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